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Migration (V4.2->V4.3)

Essential Changes

Graphs in the WebFront

The graphs in the WebFront were completely redone and are creates directly by the IP-Symcon Server. This results in a WebFront that is ~15% smaller and thus loads faster via internet. The presentation was improved as well and avoids constant S curves when possible.

Bool Graphs

Graphs in the Mobile Apps

The mobile apps support all options for graphs like dynamic scaling, high density, or the presentation of extrema. Multi-graphs are also supported and the evaluation can be done directly on the mobile device.

Mobile Bool Graphs

CSV Export in the WebFront

The CSV export supports multi-graphs and presents the individual datasets one after the other. The name, date, time, and aggregation level are shown. The data is in a Microsoft Excel compatible format and can be copied directly.

CSV Export

Better Support of Devices

  • Module for EnOcean D2-01-*, D2-06-*
  • Module for Eltako FGW14
  • Module for LCN Display and LCN RGBW

Improvements for PHP Modules

  • Any strings within modules can be translated
  • Modules check for compatibility before the updaten
  • Modules can remove local changes automatically after an update

(The use of the WebFront editor requires at least the edition IP-Symcon Professional. All other functions are included in the Basic, Professional, and Unlimited editions of IP-Symcon und can be obtained with a valid subscription. It is not required to purchase an specific “Upgrade”. If your subscription has expired, you can simply renew it and update to version 4.3 without additional costs. Please regard that push notifications and the Symcon Connect service require a connection to the internet and a valid subscription. (Shop))


Please create a backup of your complete IP-Symcon folder. Thus, you can switch back to version 4.2 if problems occur with version 4.3

If you update from version 3.4, please read the migration tutorial to version 4.0: Migration to Version 4.0, version 4.1: Migration to Version 4.1, and version 4.2: Migration to Version 4.2.

  • The 32-bit version for Microsoft Windows will be discontinued with IP-Symcon 5.0, which will be released 2018.
  • The 64-bit version is automatically installed if possible.

Migration (for PHP Module Developers)

  • The function Invalid Link: Translate should be used for translations as of now.

List of Changes

Graphs in the WebFront

  • New: WebFront uses the new Graphs, that are also used by the apps
  • New: WebFront is ~100kb smaller, as the graphs are created by the backend
  • New: Splines swing less (avoids the typical S-formed curves)
  • New: CSV-Export improved, such that the data can be copied better
  • New: Continuous graphs have a "to" in the title like in the mobile apps
  • New: Legends for multi-graphs are more compact when no offset is used

Graphs in the Mobile Apps

  • New: Multi-graphs are shown in the mobile apps

Systems & Devices

  • New: Support of EnOcean Gateway "Eltako FGW14"
  • New: Support of EnOcean EEP D2-01-*
  • New: Support of EnOcean EEP D2-06-*
  • New: Technical alternative CMI module supports the network inputs/outputs
  • New: LCN_SwitchRelayTimer
  • New: LCN Display Modul
  • New: LCN RGBW Modul

PHP Modules

  • New: Modules check the compatibility to the IP-Symcon version before the update
  • New: Translate function for modules
  • New: If the current modul has no HTTP/HTTPS address, it is asked if the current address should be copied to the clipboard
  • New: Modules can be updated even when local changes were done (eventual local changes are discarded)
  • New: Modules support the overwriting of equal functions with the same prefix by other modules if the parameters are the same
  • Fix: Editable lists in the action area work correctly
  • Fix: Module list is sorted without regard for capitalization
  • Fix: Select* elements can be evaluated in the action area
  • Fix: There was an AccessViolation if lists sent no valid "values" array
  • Fix: Missing colors for modules with lists if the list was in the "elements" area and overwrote existing entries
  • Fix: Modules with clean Type Hinting throw an exception if these were used from ProcessHookData
  • Fix: Empty strings were not evaluated correctly for rowColor
  • Fix: Red and blue were interchanged for the value of SelectColor
  • Fix: Modules that caused an error during creation were not cleaned up cleanly if subobjects were created already
  • Fix: Access Violation for some buttons in the action area


  • New: We want to collect some non-personalised usage data about your system (Details)
  • New: New Media Type: Document, which currently allows uploads of txt, doc, xml, and pdf
  • New: The library for formatting strings (e.g., %f, %d) was replaced for a faster one
  • New: The "Add instance" dialog shows the author of a module
  • New: Konsole: WebFront configurator chooses the selected element automatically on duplication
  • New: DWD weather data is loaded by a new CDN


  • Fix: Z-Wave multisensor chooses profiles correctly
  • Fix: Z-Wave parameter list does not evaluate "Write Only" parameters any more
  • Fix: Z-Wave: Better handling of many parallel decoded messages
  • Fix: Z-Wave: Console: WAKE_UP was not recognized correctly when a timeout occured while reading a parameter
  • Fix: Z-Wave: Loading a parameter can be done again correctly when a disruption occured
  • Fix: Parameter informations for IPSModule class
  • Fix: Filter in instance debug was not applied for new messages
  • Fix: KNX configurator checks ESF file on three level GAs
  • Fix: KNX Repeat flag is not set any more
  • Fix: Rounding errors in the WebFront
  • Fix: WebFront responded with an error message when an embedded graph with a non-existing variable existed
  • Fix: The temperature for EnOcean Thanos could not be set correctly
  • Fix: Comments to events are shown correctly in the script editor
  • Fix: WebFront: CSS special classes were not attached correctly to linked objects
  • Fix: Events required a chosen target even if no target was necessary
  • Fix: Object names were empty if the objects were created in a script and not named by IPS_SetName afterwards
  • Fix: Rare problem when reading from dS Joker clamps
  • Fix: Fixed probelm when device buttons from dS clamps were used in the SceneResponder
  • Fix: It was possible to activate logging for non-existing variables
  • Fix: Multicast packets could not be received on Linux, Raspberry Pi, and MacOS
  • Fix: Computation of LCN Motor were wrong
  • Fix: Solved a problem with aggregation during startup
  • Fix: curl.cacert entries in the php.ini are deleted in the php.ini when they are not required for the platform
  • Fix: The suggestions of the Circle Slider regard the step size
  • Fix: When opening variables in the archive the tree was loaded again and the scroll position was reverted
  • Fix: LCN_SwitchRelayTimer set a wrong value on the first channel
  • Fix: Multicast Socket sends correctly in Windows with the chosed interface (BindIP)
  • Fix: Memory leak for PHP modules that used the dataflow
  • Fix: Small memory leak when updating PHP modules
  • Fix: Potential race condition in Discovery Server
  • Fix: Potential deadlock when loading modules
  • Fix: Cutter can choose I/O as HID
  • Fix: %d did not work with associations in GetValueFormatted
  • Fix: Windows Installer does not create a new entry for each entry any more
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