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    status regarding webfront on port 80

    Hi Paresy,

    What is the current situation regarding this question?
    Personally I find it strange to have a landing page on port 80 that brings users directly in the symos overview. While the...
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    I think I know what I have done wrong. I didn't...

    I think I know what I have done wrong. I didn't see the Reboot button on the bottum after hitting Apply. Closed the session and couldn't get back to the Symbox. When hitting the reboot button every...
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    Recovery tool fails - Error locking volume

    Hi Paresy,

    --- SOLVED --- A reboot of the laptop solved the problem!

    I lost IP- acces after a network change. Try to recover the Symbox. It starts and opens three windows (d:boot and 2 other...
  4. SymBox neo Hutschiene standard with Homematic and software in the shop?


    I am trying to read all the info on the forum about having Homematic and IPS installed on one raspberry pi 3b . For me it makes sens to have just one power full machine for both software...
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    I use 1-wire for this

    Hi Marian,

    I use 1-wire just for the temperature measurements (about 12 of them). The DS18B20 will go until 125 degrees. You can find them for € 4- € 5 in the shops. With a lan to 1-wire adapter...
  6. Hi Paresy, Sounds complicated using...

    Hi Paresy,

    Sounds complicated using Addblocker...

    Can you please note it as a 'nice to have' functionality to switch it of?

    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Making message time difference between client and server optional?


    Many years ago, I already reported that IPS does not handle time differences between different time zones very well. For years, I had to anticipate for the time difference between Portugal and...
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    Making Installing Bonjour Service optional

    Hi Paresy,

    Every time I do an update I also get the installation of the Bonjour Service. After the upgrade I uninstall the Bonjour Service because I don`t do anything with it. The reason} after...
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    Any chance you can share some of the new things with us?

    Hi Paresy,

    Would it be possible to share some of the 5.0 ideas after the sessions?
    Love to hear what the plans are without having to travel 529 kilometres!

  10. Still trying to reset the memory of the SDM630


    I succeeded in unlocking the SDM630 by sending the password, in my case it's still the default password 1000. Sadly when trying to clear the memory of the SDM630 by sending a value I get an...
  11. Registers 174-191 where missing in the script


    Thanks for the script that creates all the 173 variables. After running I noticed that some key variables where missing in the script. Especially the ones that keep track of the used power per...
  12. SDM630 daily, weekly, yearly resetting of the logged data (totals)

    Who can help me with this?

    The SDM has for instance Input registers that count the total amount of Power used since the last reset. For example parameters 37 ‘Import Wh since last reset (2)’...
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    Modbus2WiFiLan Chinese Adapter?


    Has anybody good experiences with a cheap Chinese WiFi module for Modbus RTU -> TCP?
    I also want to connect the SDM630 but using WiFi.

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    Wichtig: Requests regarding MetaManager and Template

    Dear Andreas,

    Some requests for the MetaManager and the Template:

    The most important request I have is to allow, on the Object level, to select a Value more than once. Now you restrict it to...
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    Security Controls in MetaManager

    Hi Andreas,

    To prevent you answering every remark I make or to comment on every possible BUG I think I have found where do you want me to report this or post them? I couldn't find a 3.1 Beta bug...
  16. It also happens wth other lists like Views

    The disappearing of the names happens also in other lists.
    I noticed it in the views to. I assume with the clearing of the workflow problem you also tackled the other problem to ;)

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    IPSWatering to IPSView

    Hi Andreas,

    Do you have plans to convert IPSWatering to IPSView? Or any other IPSLibary?
    Implementing them inside IPSView would make them ideal examples... especially with the workflow module!
  18. Closed!!!

    @paresy: you may close this bug ;). Works like a charm!

    I now understand why you say it never worked well before. I have to make some small adjustments in my code (nothing drastic). The good...
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    Can't wait ;)


    I keep an eye out for the new functionalities, I think they are awesome!!! Also happy that you build it in English ;).

    Has anybody started to build an example that includes the IPS...
  20. @Paresy: Last night I read that there is a...

    @Paresy: Last night I read that there is a special bit for switching all on and off. I think you moved to many bits and went into the special area ;). So instead of being rusty I would say your are...
  21. After a few hours of testing!


    Quick update: build a test environment with the blue stick, an inverted DS2408 from hobbyboard and the 4.1 build # 82.

    Started with the same configuration as the production environment:...
  22. Good morning Paresy, No visual studio...

    Good morning Paresy,

    No visual studio installed. I just downloaded the latest version from the Microsoft site to see what went wrong.Because the error disappears so quickly in your setup I had to...
  23. @Paresy:tried to install the 4.1 #82 version but...

    @Paresy:tried to install the 4.1 #82 version but it stops at the point of the Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Redistributable. The setup tries to install the x86 version while it must be the x64 version...
  24. @Paresy: will do tonight or tomorrow and will let...

    @Paresy: will do tonight or tomorrow and will let you know asap.

  25. Hi Bernhard, Are yours DS2408 also inverted?...

    Hi Bernhard,

    Are yours DS2408 also inverted? Meaning that you must send a False to the pin to get it energized and not the True statement? A builder of a board may use the DS2408 in two ways....
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