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Our software IP-Symcon is the complete solution in the field of home automation. Combine products of all renowned manufacturers, realize your wishes, and allow your home to think for itself. A multitude of assistants and tools allow a comfortable configuration with a focus on clarity and security. Needless to say, privacy is a must with the optional Cloud connection. The continuous development ensures that you are equipped for the future with IP-Symcon.

One Software. One App. All Devices.

Overview of supported renowned hardware vendors, virtual assistants, and operating systems.

All renowned Manufacturers under one roof

SmartHome Manufacturer KNX Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer LCN Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Enocean Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer ZWave Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Allnet Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Eaton Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Siemens Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Wago Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Homeatic Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer OPUS Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Mbus Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer eq3 Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Ekey Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer ELV Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer ModBus Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer 1-Wire Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer MQTT Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Technische Alternative Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer ArtNet DMX Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Digitalstrom Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer GARDENA Smart System Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer Home Connect Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer VoIP/SIP Logo
SmartHome Manufacturer BACnet Logo

The Module Store - By Users for Users

You can find expansions for more hardware, logic elements, and everyday helper in the Module Store.

Choose your Personal Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assiatant Alexa Logo
Virtual Assiatant Google Assistant Logo

Supported Operating Systems

Operating System Windows Logo
Operating System Mac OS X Logo
Operating System Rasperry Pi Logo
Operating System Ubuntu Logo

Data Gathering
and Evaluation
with graphical Visualization

The relevance of capturing and evaluating energy, gas, and water consumption becomes more and more relevant with rising energy costs. Detect deviation instantly, high consumption and anomalies early on. The graphical presentation in you IP-Symcon WebFront visualization always allows the quick overview. Recording your data starts with a single click. The automatical presentation is already included in the IP-Symcon Basic Edition.

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The right Solution
for Every Application

IP-Symcon is the standard software in the field of home automation and supplies a perfect basis for a multitude of projects. Choose your current application area!

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Stay in Control wherever you are

Access your SmartHome worldwide and cryptographically secure with our mobile iOS and Android apps. The apps are optimized for low traffic use and easy visualization to provide you with complete control over your home.

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Try your new SmartHome

Your intelligent SmartHome can look like this. Choose one of the available skins, like Blue, Dark, or Light.

Open Visualization

Request your personal Trial License to experience the capabilities of IP-Symcon first hand. All functions from the Professional Edition will be available to discover your SmartHomes full potential.

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Your IP-Symcon Community

In the large and active IP-Symcon community you will find many useful and up-to-the-minute tips & tricks around the building automation. Benefit from the exchange of experience with other users and find quick help when needed. Practical and proven examples help you to optimally utilize your IP-Symcon. In addition, you can learn more about the latest technology gadgets and are able to discuss their advantages and disadvantages. In the IP-Symcon community, our users present their exciting projects or arrange get-togethers to get to know each other personally.

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