Application Examples

Staircase Light Controls

With the Staircase Light Controls from the Module Store, every button or motion sensor can trigger one or multiple lights. Each Staircase Light Control can be activated or deactivated separately, for example based on the current time via schedule.

Presence Simulation

By selecting logged variables, IP-Symcon can simulate your presence during vacations. The perfect burglar scare.

Relative Shutter Control

With the "Shutter Control", shutters that usually only support "Up" and "Down" can drive to percentual positions like 25% or 50%.

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Shadowing after many Criteria

The shadowing or your home with shutters and awnings can be adjusted with a multitude of criteria.

VoIP Module with Automatic Response

With our Voice over IP Module, IP-Symcon can accept and execute calls. In combination with a TTS Module (Text-To-Speech), e.g., AWSPolly, individual responses can be generated. In addition, DTMF button sounds can be evaluated to trigger functions, e.g., switching heating on or off or requesting a status.

Telephone Chain on Alert via Module and VoIP

You own a company and a device malfunctions? Handle a prepared telephone chain on an alert. It can be configured, how many calls are started in parallel. The chain is automatically stopped when a callee confirms the alert via a DTMF push a button.

Individual Visualization for children/parents

Your child/children should only have limited access? No problem. Different visualizations can be used for different access rights and preferences.

Switch devices on proximity

By localizing your mobile phone, preselected devices can be switched on a defined proximity. For example, heating can be activated when you are 1km away and you will arrive in a well temperatured home.

Scene Control

With the Scene Control previously configured scenes can be saved and called at will. The number of scenes, the triggered devices and the names of the scenes can be controlled individually.

Done Notifier

Check if a device is done, based on its power consumption, e.g., for a wasching machine or a dishwasher. Afterwards, IP-Symcon can send you a notification to your mobile device or execute any other action.

Variable Report as PDF

The PDF Report Module can create PDFs about logged variables. A configurable Min/Max limit can inform if certain thresholds are exceeded. The PDF can be saved or sent automatically via mail (SMTP Module). Other examples are power consumption and/or production, temperatures, ...

Spotify Module

You can play your playlist with the Spotify Module. The configuration page also provides search requests. Your music can be started comfortably via WebFront. As such, additional apps are not needed any more and everything can be controlled in one place.

Operating Hours Counter

The Operating Hours Counter Module can easily display how long a device was switched on. Five time periods can be selected and how often these are updated.

Water Alert

With the Water Alert Module, leakage in form of a small leakage, e.g., a dripping faucet, or a pipe burst can be detected. On a seven level leakage variable and a pipe burst variable, you can react depending on your personal preferences und time. For example, a linked push notification, call via VoIP Module or SMS/Mail is possible.

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