Flow Script

This is the flow script
These are our events for the flow script


Directly after the creation, you define what starts the Flow Script. You can use triggered or timed events. As such, a triggered event can, for example, trigger on a switch or a specific temperatur. The timed events can trigger all five minutes, always on the first day of a month, and much more. It is also possible to use freely configurable week schedules. Of course, you can execute the Flow Script manually at any time.

These are our events for the flow script


With the actions, you can describe what should happen. Thanks to self-explaining texts and a quick selection, usage is easy and quick at the same time. You can, for example, switch a device, check conditions via If-Then or just wait for a specific duration. The correct commands are automatically recognized by the selection of the device. Of course, this all happens without a single line of source code.

Actions are defined here
These are our events for the flow script


Within the Flow Script, it is possible to analyze your automation. In an easy-to-understand overview every step of previous executions is listed. Runtimes and executions are included as well. As such, you can optimize your automation and analyze and improve resources and runtimes as well as correcting possible errors.

These are our events for the flow script

Configure Behavior

With the settings you can configure the behavior of the flow script completely individually. You can configure a queue, so the current execution of the Flow Script is not canceled on further executions. Or you can retry a specific number of times in case of an error.

The flow script is configured here
These are our events for the flow script

PHP Scripts (for Experts)

If a solution should not be possible with the extensive Flow Script or if you want to realize yourself, we still offer the established PHP Script Editor. This provides you with even further degrees of freedom.

These are our events for the flow script
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