Automatic Notifications

Automatically receive a notification when a threshold value is reached or a previously defined event occurs.

Selection of Recipient

as of IP-Symcon Professional with valid subscription

Define groups to inform all relevant persons about events that affect them, e.g., a device error or an unclosed door.

Sounds of Notification

Choose from numerous sounds to easily recognize each event by its audio. For example, an alarm can be played as siren while a subtle “pling” can inform you about a finished washing machine.

History of Notifications

Use our history to keep track of all notifications, even in the mobile apps.

Receive Notifications Everywhere

Receive notifications on your mobile devices or wall-mounted panel. It is even possible to choose which device receives which information.

No Effort of Configuration

Activate your mobile devices for notifications by a simple call of the mobile visualization. The remaining process is done automatically.

SMS & E-Mail Notifications

Even older systems can receive notifications via SMS or e-mail. When sending an e-mail, you can even send attachments.

Without a valid subscription notification can only be received by the WebFront and not by mobile apps.

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