Web Visualization: The WebFront

Use any common browser tot access our WebFront, the web visualization of IP-Symcon. Here, you can easily recognize the current state of your SmartHome and trigger devices at will. Look at the possibilities of the WebFront in our demo.

Mobile Apps

For mobile devices, we offer specialized apps. As such, the visualization of your SmartHome is optimized for your SmartPhone and you can access all functions of your home comfortably from your mobile phone. You can find further information about the mobile apps here.

Clear History Presentation

IP-Symcon can record the history of your variables and present it in lucid graphs. Thus, you can quickly see when a device was triggered or how your energy consumption developed in the last months. You can find more about the design possibilities of our graphs here.

Reachable from anywhere: The Connect-Service

Access your visualization from anywhere! With our Connect-Service, you will get your own web address that you can use to access your SmartHome via WebFront or app. No complicated configuration is required. You merely activate the Connect-Service and can access your visualization securely via app or browser.

Surveillance Cameras

Incorporate your surveillance cameras directly into your visualization to monitor your rooms optically. As MJPEG or RTSP stream, every common camera can be implemented into IP-Symcon.

Needle-sharp Icons

Thanks to the use of optimized vector graphics our visualization exploits the full pixel density of every display. Enjoy sharp presentations and recognize every small detail.


IP-Symcon offers a multitude of tools to prevent illegal access to your visualization. Of course, the connection to your visualization is encoded according to high security standards. In addition, define if your visualization is reachable at all from outside, protect it with a password, or log out users automatically after an individually chosen time.

Always up-to-date

All values and actions that are presented within the visualization are always up‑to‑date. Thanks to our sophisticated back channel technique, it is even possible to move, delete, hide, or recreate elements - your visualization will be up‑to‑date in your web browser and mobile apps as well.


IP-Symcon visualizes devices and variables that you created automatically. You merely choose a name, icon, and a fitting profile, e.g., room temperature. The visualization of IP-Symcon handles the rest and presents your values and actions clearly and consistently.

Show all visual components


Individualize your visualization further by using skins. In addition to the default skin, IP-Symcon offers the "Dark" and the "Light" skin. Feel free to check out our skins on all screenshots on this page and change the presented skin. It is also possible to create individual skins to adjust the presentation of the visualization according to your preferences.

Color Circle

Pick your favorite colors comfortably and quickly from the whole color spectrum with the color circle and access up to five individually chosen stored color values.

Meteorological Data

Present the weather at your location within your visualization in clear graphics. (Germany only)

One Visualization for Every User

as of IP-Symcon Professional

Configure an individual visualization for each user. Different visualizations can display different elements but also display shared content. For example, every resident could have access to his or her own bedroom and to the shared living area. In addition, every visualization can be designed individually and can, for example, use different skins.

WebFront Editor

as of IP-Symcon Professional

With the easy-to-use WebFront editor you can see directly while modifying the WebFront how your changes will look later on. Use the extended possibilities of your own widgets, external pages, menu bars, or site separators to use the available space efficiently.

WebFront Editor: Tutorial

as of IP-Symcon Professional

Our video tutorial shows all possibilities of our comfortable WebFront editor step by step (German only).

Even more liberties for the design: IPSStudio

Additional Product

Do you want to individualize your visualization even further? The additional product IPSStudio offers all desired liberties. Create your own floor plan, display the status of devices in place, or arrange sensors and actors accordings to your individual preferences.

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