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    Question SymBox neo Hutschiene standard with Homematic and software in the shop?


    I am trying to read all the info on the forum about having Homematic and IPS installed on one raspberry pi 3b . For me it makes sens to have just one power full machine for both software solutions (actually I also use IPSView from Andreas . But, for somebody like me, reading what I have to do is to complicated. It's not easy to build it myself. Respect to the persons that know how to do this. My question is: do you think symcon will bring a Symbox to market that has IPS and Homematic preinstalled on it? It would be something like ordering a symbox with 'Zusätzliche Erweiterungen' like 1wire, modbus and homematic.

    Love to see this in the shop tomorrow…


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    No. This will never happen. We only have wired extensions in our SymBox. The SymBox is placed inside your cellar, which is not a good place for a radio gateway. I would go for the SymBox and the CCU3. This will safe you a lot of time/pain, if you are not familiar with Linux.


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