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In order for IP-Symcon to be able to communicate with the various services from the Internet, the following settings must be made on a firewall.

Address Port Protocol Function
apt.symcon.de 443 TCP Installation, Updates
api.symcon.de 443 TCP Module Store, Personal area
live.symcon.de 443 TCP Installation, updates, connect, push notifications, display of the subscription term
zwdb.symcon.de 443 TCP Z-Wave device database
dwd.symcon.de 443 TCP WebFront DWD weather
ipmagic.de 50000 TCP IP-Symcon Connect
ipmagic.de 60000 TCP SymOS Connect


The *.symcon.de addresses are mapped via AWS in the EU West 1 zone (Ireland). The endpoints terminate on AWS CloudFront and have a TTL of 60 seconds. In the case of dynamic resolution, it must therefore be ensured that the firewall determines the currently used IP addresses often enough.
Current lists of the IP addresses used can be found here: Locations and IP address ranges of CloudFront edge servers

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