Thorsten Kugelberg

Control SONOS devices

Included Modules

  • Sonos Discovery
  • Sonos Player
  • Sonos Splitter

Version History

Version 2.3

  • correct MediaFile Handling and cover determination
  • Add "USB Power" as power source

Version 2.2

  • Add support for Move and Roam
  • Add PowerSource and BatteryStatus Move and Roam

Version 2.1

  • some error handling improvement
  • Add function GetMembers
  • Add function SetTrack

Version 2.0

  • complete refactoring for adding to Symcon Module Store
  • Discovery instance added for automatic finding of Sonos products
  • Splitter Instance added for
    • central configuration
    • grouping
    • interaction between different Sonos instances
  • ForceGrouping was replaced by RejoinGroup
    • In cases a Sonos instance is marked as "vanished" in Sonos, it can be added to its last group when being available again
  • Handling of Vanished
    • In case a Sonos instance is marked as "vanished" in Sonos, it will be hidden in Symcon and unhidden once it is visible again
  • Radio Configuration
    • delivered radio stations were removed
    • radio stations can now be maintained individually in splitter instance
  • Variables for "Coordinator" and "Group Members" are now modeled as attributes
  • If configuration was activated, a media object will be created, filled with the content of "Cover URL"
  • translation was introduced
  • added the possibility to switch off the automatic hiding of variables
  • added debug messages
  • Added handling of special features only some products provide
  • Added MightMode and Dialog Level for Playbar, Playbase, Beam and Arc
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Author: Thorsten Kugelberg

Version: 2.5

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