Version 5.0

Web Based

The configuration of IP-Symcon becomes even more comfortable and universal. Your system can be maintained securely at any time and from any modern browser. In addition, the web based configuration offers a quick overview about critical functions of your building via Widgets.

KNX, eKey &

In addition to the already supported 15 EIS classes, Version 5.0 integrates support of over 370 data types in 77 DPT classes. This enables the integration of almost every KNX device. Even more, a new module supports the eKey Fingerprint solutations. Docker enables the installation of IP-Symcon on x86 based NAS systems from Synology and QNAP.

PHP 7.2

The current and fastest PHP version supports professional users at realizing wishes that are not yet covered by our multitude of PHP modules.

Light Skin

A new skin for the WebFront visualization is ready. The skin is lighter and more modern and scores with its small color accents. See it now on our demo.

All details about IP-Symcon 5.0 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)


Version 4.4


The configuration of events can be expanded by further conditions comfortable. These conditions define if an event may start. The current live state whether an event may start can be viewed at any time in the configuration to quickly verify the correctness of the conditions.

Multiple Axis
in Graphs

Graphs can provide multiple axis to display diagrams with different ranges together.

Graphs in
Mobile Apps

As of now, the mobile apps can display graphs that were previously only available in the WebFront.

Updates for
multiple devices

Enhancements in the support of EnOcean, HomeMatic, KNX, Siemens OZW, Technische Alternative CMI, Siemens S7, and Z-Wave

All details about IP-Symcon 5.0 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

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