New since
IP-Symcon 6.1

Increased Performance

The performance of all tree and list views within the console was improved significantly. Even when displaying thousands of objects at once or opening categories with more than 1000 children, the console continues to runs smoothly.

SymOS with 64 Bit

The software IP-Symcon and the operating system SymOS on the SymBox now use the full potential of the 64-bit architecture. Thus, IP-Symcon runs with even more performance and enables even bigger projects on the SymBox.

Device Search in
Voice Assistants

All voice assistants now offer a device search. As such, it is not required any more to configure all devices individually. Instead, the device search is started once and discovers fitting devices. Within the selection, it can be selected easily which devices are really to be integrated and the voice assistant is ready in a flash.

Object Tree in
List View

Within the list view of the object tree, all objects within IP-Symcon are displayed at once. The classical view from the legacy console finally returns to the current console and enables sorting after any column. This can be used to quickly discover which objects within the tree are updated often or which instances are erroneous.

All details about IP-Symcon 6.0 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

New since
IP-Symcon 6.0


Actions are now available as a new building block for automation. They enable the switching and configuration of all object types. Events can be activated or all lights within a category switched on without effort.

Flow Scripts

The version 6.0 introduces Flow Scripts, a new type of automation. Here, multiple actions can be executed one after another. "If ..., then" actions even allow actions to be embedded into each other.

Gardena Smart System and Home Connect

Garden and kitchen can be automated now. IP-Symcon is compatible with GARDENA smart system and Home Connect. Modules were developed for both systems and are available in the Module Store.

More Supported Operating Systems

IP-Symcon can already be used on a multitude of operating systems. With version 6.0, IP-Symcon becomes additonally available as native package for Raspberry Pi OS (64 Bit Beta) and as Docker version for Arm64 and Apple Silicon (M1) devices.

All details about IP-Symcon 6.0 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

New since
IP-Symcon 5.5

Improved Streams

The handling of streams was optimized. No matter whether a stream is available as RTSP or MJPEG, is accessed locally or remotely, it is available almost live in the visualization. With the new version, it is also possible to watch streams directly within the Android/iOS apps, the WebFront and the Management Console.

Optimized Archive

The archive was completely overhauled. It was totally optimized under the hood and, for example, significantly speeds up the aggregation of variables. At the same time, the memory usage was reduced drastically, as the aggregation data is not held in the memory any more.

Mobile Apps

A deeper nesting is supported within the apps now. To access the correct visualization immediately, it can be preselected. Even more effort can be saved by the quick access toolbar. An optimized presentation of setting the color temperature of lights is available.

New device implementations

With the new version, diverse new devices and interfaces were implemented. Now, IP-Symcon can be used as MQTT Client natively. Twelve new EEPs were implemented for EnOcean. In addition, CMI can be used with UVR65, UVR67, UVR 610, and CAN‑EZ3 now.

All details about IP-Symcon 5.5 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

New since
IP-Symcon 5.4

Pro Console

A new console for the configuration of IP-Symcon was introduced. As native application for Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac, the Pro Console provides an increased performance. The new console offers all the functionality of the web based console and more.

SymOS Connect

SymOS introduces a comfortable remote access to the SymOS of the SymBox. It can be used to access the SymOS from anywhere, run updates or reboot IP-Symcon. The SymOS Connect is independent from the subscription, i.e., access is always possible.

Hover Effects
for Graphs

The graphs in the WebFront were further improved. By hovering the mouse over a datapoint or column, the corresponding exact value is shown. As such, graphs provide an increased comfort and can be evaluated even more precise.

Device Support

The KNX Import was optimized and, among others, it is possible to implement partial exports now. Additional details are read from Z-Wave devices. The new window contacts CDWA/* from xComfort are supported.

All details about IP-Symcon 5.4 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

IP-Symcon 5.4

May 2020

IP-Symcon 5.5

October 2020

IP-Symcon 6.0

August 2021

IP-Symcon 6.1

January 2022
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