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IP-Symcon Mobile for iOS and Android

Remote access

Based on secure encryption techniques IP-Symcon offers the ability to monitor and control your own house from a distance. Thus, it is easily possible while travelling to turn up the heating or the sauna, and to find a pleasant environment upon arrival at home. By means of cameras you will always stay informed and therefore you can situationally control specific devices.

In critical situations warning messages will be sent to your Smartphone immediately.


Protect yourself and your home from possible dangers. With the help of smoke detectors, motion, contact, gas and water sensors IP-Symcon provides a early detection of such hazards.

Verify from anywhere, if all windows and doors are actually closed and the oven or iron is turned off. Prevent costly water damage by automatically closing the main valve on leakage detection. Deter a burglar by a loud siren or floodlighting upon detected intrusion.

In addition, security companies or neighbours can be informed automatically.


Due to constantly increasing energy costs the monitoring and evaluation of electricity, gas and water as well as a solar panels gain enormous importance in the field of building automation. Using IP-Symcon it is possible to register and evaluate the respective meter readings, which can be graphically presented in charts.

Don't be surprised by your energy expenses with the ongoing trend calculations. Hence a timely response is possible, for example by switching to a more reasonable energy provider or purchasing more energy-efficient equipment.


You have been dreaming of this for a long time: At the push of a button different scenarios will be invoked providing the matching atmosphere for every situation. The optimal control of lighting, climate and shading creates a cosy feeling at any time.

Depending on the time of day and your activity, IP-Symcon ensures subtle light to watch TV or the adequate lighting for working and doing handicrafts. Automatic procedures are possible, too:

Shutters and sunblinds can be controlled in accordance with the current wind or weather. Depending on your presence room temperatures can be adapted for optimal comfort while saving energy.


IP-Symcon is the only system that connects with almost all home automation systems. Build control and calculation applications using our macro technology.