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New since
IP-Symcon 6.4

KNX Secure

The connection to KNX has been extended by KNX IP Secure and KNX Data Secure support. Thus, the communication from visualization to the end devices is encrypted on IP and TP level and protected against unauthorized access.

Automatic backups

Tired of manual backups? Thanks to the new backup module for FTP/FTPS/SFTP you don't have to think about it anymore. The module creates backups and stores them on your NAS, Cloud or external storage so that it can be restored in case of an emergency.

Clearer graphs
with multiple variables

The graphs have been optimized especially for graphs with multiple variables. If variables are hidden, the displayed axes automatically adjust to the selected variables and thus offer significantly more space for the progressions.

OPC UA and more
for Enterprise

There are also some exciting new features for our Enterprise customers. Now you can integrate OPC UA devices. Or use the Sync modules, which support the merging of many IP-Symcon systems into one master system.

All details about IP-Symcon 6.4 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

New since
IP-Symcon 6.3

Automatical Compaction of Archive Data

The data load on the system can be reduced significantly thanks to the automatical compaction of variable data. It is possible to individually configure the grade of detail for stored data, also depending on the datas age.

Combining All
Graph Types

How much energy is consumed by heating, depending on the exterior temperature? Now, all graph types can be combined optimally within a single chart. Within, the counter of the heater is displayed in bars as usual and the temperature as line chart.

Integration of IPSStudio

No more need for specific apps for IPSStudio. With the new version, the configuration moves into the console. Thus, IPSViews and Workflows can be edited directly within the console.

BACnet Server

Now, IP-Symcon cannot only act as BACnet client but also as server. This enables IP-Symcon to act as bridge and forward values of other systems to BACnet or provide its very own parameters.

All details about IP-Symcon 6.3 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

New since
IP-Symcon 6.2

Simultaneous Editing

With the new version, any number of objects can be edited at once. Thus, you can, e.g., activate logging for a high number of variables quickly and uncomplicated, or set the visibility for many objects at once. As such, a high number of operations can be done with a significantly lower number of clicks.

Improved Module Store

Diverse parts of the Module Store were improved or extended. Now, it is much easier to see if there are updates available for your modules. Or you just browse and see which modules are currently trending! Finally, the new Testing channel enables internal tests, where developers can invite specific testers.


We developed even more performance improvements. The console can handle even more objects simultaneously, the system starts faster and MQTT works with more devices.

New Modules from the Symcon GmbH

We also developed a number of new modules. For example, use the Energy Report to automatically send a report and find some more modules or module extensions in our Module Store.

All details about IP-Symcon 6.2 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

New since
IP-Symcon 6.1

Increased Performance

The performance of all tree and list views within the console was improved significantly. Even when displaying thousands of objects at once or opening categories with more than 1000 children, the console continues to runs smoothly.

SymOS with 64 Bit

The software IP-Symcon and the operating system SymOS on the SymBox now use the full potential of the 64-bit architecture. Thus, IP-Symcon runs with even more performance and enables even bigger projects on the SymBox.

Device Search in Voice Assistants

All voice assistants now offer a device search. As such, it is not required any more to configure all devices individually. Instead, the device search is started once and discovers fitting devices. Within the selection, it can be selected easily which devices are really to be integrated and the voice assistant is ready in a flash.

Object Tree
in List View

Within the list view of the object tree, all objects within IP-Symcon are displayed at once. The classical view from the legacy console finally returns to the current console and enables sorting after any column. This can be used to quickly discover which objects within the tree are updated often or which instances are erroneous.

All details about IP-Symcon 6.0 can be found in our migration tutorial (German)

IP-Symcon 6.1

January 2022

IP-Symcon 6.2

April 2022

IP-Symcon 6.3

November 2022

IP-Symcon 6.4

May 2023