Ulrich Bittner

Integrates tado° in IP-Symcon. Heat and cool intelligently with tado°.

Included Modules

  • Tado Configurator
  • Tado Cooling
  • Tado Device, Tado Gerät
  • Tado Heating
  • Tado Home
  • Tado Splitter

Version History

1.05-36 (20211114)

Rework on cooling device

1.05-34 (20211105)
fix for LG Standard Plus PC12SQ
1.05-33 (20211103)
Support for devices without swing, LG Standard Plus PC12SQ
1.05-32 (20210621)
Fix device mode of a cooling device
1.05-31 (20210613)
Added power button for cooling device.
Added device mode for cooling device.
1.04-30 (20210608)
Fix FanSpeed
Update documentation.
1.04-29 (20210607)
Testversion Foot cooling devices:
Fujitsu AUYG07LVLA
Fujitsu ASYG09LMCA
1.03-28 (20210527)
Changed endpoint from my.tado.com to app.tado.com for token requests
1.02-27 (20201215)
Window status (Heating) added
1.01-26 (20201029)
Heating Power (Heating) added
Geofencing State (Heating) added

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Author: Ulrich Bittner

Version: 1.05

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