Estimate number of variables

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A certain number of variables is required to use a device/instance. For example, a humidity sensor uses 2 variables (1 for temperature, 1 for humidity).

The number of variables depends on the used system. However, usually one variable is required for every physical input/output in IP-Symcon. The following tables allow a coarse estimation.

Edition Allowed number of variables
Basic 250
Professional 1000
Unlimited Unlimited

Estimation Table

System Number of Variables
IP-Symcon (systemic) 11 variables one time
1-Wire 1-4 variables per module
16 variables per DS2408-module
ALLNET 1 variable per input/output/sensor
AKM-868 7 variables per tracker
DMX 1 variable per channel
EKM-868 2 variables per channel
EnOcean 1 variable per switch, pair of buttons, Hoppe window handle
4 variables per Thermokon temperature/humidity sensor
1-5 variables for other EnOcean devices
FD-868 3 variables for the 3 buttons
1 Variable per input/output
FHT 8 variables per FHT
FS20 4 variables per FS20 device
KNX 1 variable per group address
KS300 5 variables per KS300
LCN 1 variable per relais, binary input, TVar, RVar, transponder
2 variables per output, remote
HMS 1 variable per HMS device (except HMS-TF)
2 variables per HMS-TF
HomeMatic 1 variable per switch, dimmer
2 variables per button
20 variables per room thermostat
15 variables per weather station
M-Bus number of variables highly depends on the used device (Please check device documentation)
MediaPlayer 8 variables per MediaPlayer
ModBus 1 variable per address (read and write address independently definable)
Siemens SPS 1 variable per address/flag
UVR1611 39 variables per UVR1611
xComfort 3 variables per data point (data point value, signal strength, battery)
Z-Wave 1-2 variable per switch, dimmer, button, binary sensor, shutter actor
1-X variables for other Z-Wave devices (e.g., multiple sensors)

User defined entries in the visualization each require one variable.

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