Pro Console

Configuration as Native Application

The Pro Console offers all possibilities of the web based console and more. It is available as native application for Windows, Ubuntu and Mac. As individual program, the Pro Console embeds itself optimally into your workflow.

Optimal Performance

The Pro Console is used independent of any browser. Thus, the Pro Console offers a significantly increased performance as native application.

Especially Developed for Experts

Integrators and other experts from the community have wished for a toll, that offers even more than the web based Management Console. We have received this feedback and developed the Pro Console as a tool for experts.

Individual Adjustments of the Interface

The interface can be adjusted individually via un- and redocking. Using this technique, you can, for example, easily check the messages of the system while configuring a device.

All Installations in One Application

The Connection Wizard of the Pro Console allows you to access all your IP-Symcon installations in one place. Access all your installations efficiently, no matter if they are within your local network or at remote locations.

Finding Installations Automatically

No need for checking the addresses of your installations manually. The Connection Wizard automatically searches for installations within your local network and can access your remote installations via your License Management.

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