Color Circle

Pick your favorite colors comfortably and quickly with the color circle and access up to five stored color values.

Password Protection

Use a password to secure your visualization against unauthorized access.

Surveillance Cameras

Incorporate your surveillance cameras directly into your visualization to monitor your rooms optically.

Meteorological Data

Present the weather at your location within your visualization in clear graphics. (Germany only)

Always Up-to-date

All values and actions that are presented within the visualization are always up‑to‑date. Thanks to our sophisticated back channel technique, it is even possible to move, delete, hide, or recreate elements - your visualization will be up‑to‑date in your web browser and mobile apps as well.


Thanks to the use of optimized vector graphics our visualization exploits the full pixel density of every display. Enjoy sharp presentations and recognize every small detail.


IP-Symcon visualizes devices and variables that you created automatically. You merely choose a name, icon, and a fitting profile, e.g., room temperature. The visualization of IP-Symcon handles the rest and presents your values and actions clearly and consistently - even without using our editor.

To possible visual components (German)

WebFront Editor

as of IP-Symcon Professional

With the easy-to-use WebFront editor you can see directly while modifying the WebFront how your changes will look later on. Use the extended possibilities of your own widgets, external pages, menu bars, or site separators to use the available space efficiently.

Our video tutorial shows all possibilities of our comfortable WebFront editor step by step.

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