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The Tile Visualization

Access the tile visualization with any common browser. Here you can see the current status of your SmartHome and switch devices. Take a look at the possibilities of the visualization in our demo.

Mobile Apps

For smartphones and tablets, we offer apps for both iOS and Android. This way, the visualization is optimized for your mobile device and you can conveniently access all functions of your home from anywhere. You can find more information about our apps here.

Display progressions clearly

IP-Symcon can record the history of your values and display them in clear graphs. This way you can quickly see when a device was switched or how your energy consumption has developed over the last months. More about the design options of the graphs can be found here.


Reachable from anywhere: The Connect-Service

Access your visualization from anywhere! Thanks to the encrypted Connect service you get your own web address to access your SmartHome. You simply activate the Connect service and can securely access your visualization from anywhere via app or browser.

Surveillance Cameras

Integrate your cameras directly into the visualization to be able to monitor rooms optically. Any commercially available camera can be integrated into IP-Symcon as an RTSP/RTSPS stream. Several high-resolution streams can be displayed simultaneously in the tile layout.


IP-Symcon offers a variety of tools to protect your visualization from unauthorized access. Of course, the connection to your visualization is encrypted according to high security standards. You can also define whether your visualization can be accessed from the outside at all. To do this, protect it with a password and log users out automatically after a time specified by you.

Energy monitoring

With IP-Symcon you can intelligently control when and how the energy you produce is consumed. In addition, the resulting energy flows can be displayed quickly and clearly.


The tiles automatically generated by IP-Symcon can be customized in size and position. Thus, the visualization corresponds exactly to your ideas or the requirements of various devices.


IP-Symcon automatically visualizes devices and variables you have created. You merely choose a name, icon and a suitable profile, such as "room temperature". IP-Symcon's visualization takes care of the rest and automatically displays your values and actions in a comprehensible and consistent manner.

Show all visual components


Personalize your visualization further by using themes. For example, IP-Symcon offers a light and a dark color scheme by default. Feel free to look at all screenshots on this page and switch between the two visualizations using the dots in the corners.

Intelligente Elemente

IP-Symcon automatically generates suitable control elements from the sensors and actuators of your SmartHome. New elements are constantly being developed and existing ones expanded.

Optimized presentation

You can customize generated tiles at any time. No matter if you want to display all values in a list or focus on only one element.


With the push notifications you get everywhere what is happening in your SmartHome. Notifications are supported on iOS and Android as well as in the browser.

Share visualization

Bei Bedarf kann der Zugriff auf ihre Visualisierung über einen QR-Code direkt weitergegeben werden. In der mobilen App kann der Code schnell gescannt werden.

One Visualization for Every User

Configure an individual visualization for each user. Different visualizations can display different elements but also display shared content. For example, every resident could have access to their own bedroom and to the shared living area. In addition, every visualization can be designed individually and can, for example, use different skins.

Even more liberties for the design: IPSStudio

Do you want to customize your visualization even further? The additional product IPSView offers all desired freedom. Create your own floor plan, display the status of devices in place or arrange sensors and actors accordings to your personal preferences.

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