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Management of Variables

IPS_CreateVariablecreates a new variable
IPS_DeleteVariabledeletes a variable
IPS_GetVariableretuns extensive information about a variable
IPS_GetVariableEventListreturns a list of all events that are associated to a variable
IPS_GetVariableIDByNamereturns the ID of a variable by its name
IPS_GetVariableListreturns a list of all existing variables
IPS_SetVariableCustomActionset a user defined action script for a variable
IPS_SetVariableCustomProfilesets a user defined profile for a variable
IPS_VariableExistschecks if a variable exists
Variable Profiles
IPS_CreateVariableProfilecreates a variable profile
IPS_DeleteVariableProfiledeletes a variable profile
IPS_GetVariableProfilereturns extensive information about a variable profile
IPS_GetVariableProfileListreturns a list of all existing variable profiles
IPS_GetVariableProfileListByTypereturns a list of all existing variable profiles of a specific type
IPS_SetVariableProfileAssociationmodifies the association table of a variable profile
IPS_SetVariableProfileDigitssets the digits of a variable profile
IPS_SetVariableProfileIconsets the icon for a variable profile
IPS_SetVariableProfileTextsets prefix and suffix for a variable profile
IPS_SetVariableProfileValuessets the minimal value, maximal value, and stepsize of a variable profile
IPS_VariableProfileExistschecks if a variable profile exists
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