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Management of Events

IPS_CreateEventcreate a new event
IPS_DeleteEventdeletes an event
IPS_EventExistschecks if an event exists
IPS_GetEventreturns extensive information about an event
IPS_GetEventIDByNamedetermines the ID of an event by its name
IPS_GetEventListreturns a list of all existing events
IPS_GetEventListByTypereturns a list of all events of a given type
IPS_IsConditionPassingchecks if a condition is fulfilled
IPS_SetEventActionset the executed action
IPS_SetEventActiveactivates/deactivates an event
IPS_SetEventConditionmodifies the conditions of an event
IPS_SetEventConditionDateRulemodifies the rule of a condition of an event for date comparisons
IPS_SetEventConditionDayOfTheWeekRulemodifies the rule of a condition of an event for weekday comparisons
IPS_SetEventConditionTimeRulemodifies the rule of a condition of an event for time comparisons
IPS_SetEventConditionVariableRulemodify a condition rule of an event for variable comparison
IPS_SetEventCyclicconfigures a cyclic event
IPS_SetEventCyclicDateBoundsset the start and end date of a cyclic event (deprecated)
IPS_SetEventCyclicDateFromsets the start date
IPS_SetEventCyclicDateTosets the end date
IPS_SetEventCyclicTimeBoundsset the start and end time for a cyclic event (deprecated)
IPS_SetEventCyclicTimeFromset the start time
IPS_SetEventCyclicTimeTosets the end time
IPS_SetEventLimitlimits the amount of event calls
IPS_SetEventScheduleActionmodifies the action table of a schedule event and set the action to "Execute PHP Code"
IPS_SetEventScheduleActionExmodifies the action table of a schedule event
IPS_SetEventScheduleGroupmodifies the grouping of days for a schedule event
IPS_SetEventScheduleGroupPointmodify a switch point of the group of a schedule event
IPS_SetEventScriptset the action to "Execute PHP Code" and define the code to be executed
IPS_SetEventTriggerdefine the trigger for a trigger event
IPS_SetEventTriggerSubSequentExecutiondefine if a trigger event should multiple times fir exceed/drop
IPS_SetEventTriggerValueset the value the trigger variable is compared to
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