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boolean IPS_RunAction (string $ActionID, array $ActionParameters)


ActionID ID of the executed action
ActionParameters List of Parameters for the executed action


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


This function causes the execution of the Action with the ID ActionID and the parameters ActionParameters. The execution is running concurrently (at the same time) to the calling script.

The action parameters need to include the following entries:

Parameter Beschreibung
TARGET ID of the target object of the action (-1 for general actions)
ENVIRONMENT The execution environment of the action, see Environments
PARENT ID of the object that executes the action, e.g. the PHP script or the Flow Script


// Execute Script with the ID 12345
IPS_RunAction("{7938A5A2-0981-5FE0-BE6C-8AA610D654EB}", ["TARGET" => 12345, "ENVIRONMENT" => "Default", "PARENT" => $_IPS['SELF']]);
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