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The Spotify Module allows the connection to a Spotify Premium Account. It is possible to control the playback of the account. As such, it is possible to start or pause playback or change the current playback. Options like Volume, Position, Repeat, or Shuffle can be set as well. Favorites can be saved within the module and can be accessed comfortably from the visualization.

Included Modules

  • Spotify

Version History

  • Fix: Properly handle playlist when playing saved tracks
    1.4: - New: Updated profiles so they are compatible with the new visualization
    1.3: - New: Function SPO_MakeAPIRequest for individual requests towards the Spotify API
  • Fix: Prevent the faulty assumption that playback is active if the return values from the API are problematic
    1.2: - New: Volume can be set
  • New: Rebuild Favorites and Devices as String variables with profile, ATTENTION: On an update from a previous version, new variables are created and the old ones deleted. Should events/scripts/... interact with the variable, they need to be adjusted accordingly
  • New: The duration of the current song as well as the current position are displayed and the position can be adjusted
    1.1: - New: Information about the currently playing song is displayed
    1.0: - Initial publication in Module Store
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Author: Symcon GmbH

Version: 1.4

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