Husqvarna AutomowerConnect

Ch. Damsky

Connection of a Husqvarna Automower with connect-module
Various operating data are queried and stored including the GPS coordinates (only with existing GPS module).
In addition, the basic control commands are available.

Included Modules

  • AutomowerConnect Konfigurator
  • AutomowerConnect Gerät
  • AutomowerConnect Splitter

Version History

  • 3.7 @ 15.04.2024 11:44

    • Addition: "Reason for inactivity" supplemented by EXTERNAL ("external control")
  • 3.6 @ 07.02.2024 17:31

    • Change: Media objects now also have an ident for unique identification
    • Fix: Securing access to other instances in configurators
  • 3.5 @ 27.01.2024 11:09

    • New: Switch to collect data on API calls
      The API call data is now available in a media object
  • 3.4 @ 09.12.2023 16:52

    • New: From IPS version 7, the specification of an import category is integrated in the configurator, therefore the previously existing separate setting option is no longer available
  • 3.3 @ 13.11.2023 11:01

    • Fix: when receiving data via websocket, the device ID is now evaluated and therefore only processed by the correct device
  • 3.2 @ 03.11.2023 12:40

    • Fix: when creating a splitter instance, an existing websocket instance may have been used
  • 3.1 @ 15.10.2023 13:51

    • New: Determination of memory requirements and runtime (current and for 31 days) and display in the "Information" panel
    • Fix: the statistics of ApiCalls are no longer differentiated by uri but only by host+cmd
  • 3.0 @ 05.07.2023 17:02

    • New: unlimited Symcon API key (for login via OAuth using SymconConnect)

    • New: Use of the WebSocket interface from Husqvarna.

      Urgent note: please read the release notes in the README of the module first!

    • Changed: Variable "MowerStatus" of type string is replaced by the variable "MowerState" of type int
      Any use of the variable in scripts etc. must be updated manually.

    • New: Switch to control the notification of an inactive gateway

    • Preparation for IPS 7 / PHP 8.2

The complete version history can be found in the documentation

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Author: Ch. Damsky

Version: 3.7

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