Kai Schnittcher

With this module it is possible to integrate the devices from Shelly into IP-Symcon.

Included Modules

  • Shelly 1 Mini Gen 3, Shelly 1PM Mini Gen 3
  • Shelly PM Mini Gen 3
  • Shelly 1
  • Shelly 2
  • Shelly 3EM
  • Shelly 4Pro
  • Shelly Air
  • Shelly BLU Button 1
  • Shelly BLU Configurator
  • Shelly BLU Door/Window
  • Shelly Bluetooth Gateway
  • Shelly BLU Motion
  • Shelly Bulb, Shelly Duo RGBW
  • Shelly Button 1
  • Shelly Configurator, Shelly Configurator V2
  • Shelly Dimmer
  • Shelly Duo
  • Shelly EM
  • Shelly Flood
  • Shelly Gas
  • Shelly H&T
  • Shelly Motion
  • Shelly Motion 2
  • Shelly Plug
  • Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer
  • Shelly Plus 1, Shelly Plus 1PM
  • Shelly Plus 2PM
  • Shelly Plus H&T, Shelly H&T Gen3
  • Shelly Plus PM Mini
  • Shelly Plus Plug S
  • Shelly Plus Smoke
  • Shelly Plus Uni
  • Shelly Plus i4
  • Shelly Pro 1, Shelly Pro 1PM
  • Shelly Pro 2, Shelly Pro 2PM
  • Shelly Pro 3
  • Shelly Pro 3EM
  • Shelly Pro 4PM
  • Shelly Pro Dimmer 1PM, Shelly Pro Dimmer 2PM
  • Shelly Pro EM
  • Shelly RGBW2
  • Shelly Sense
  • Shelly Smoke
  • Shelly TRV
  • Shelly Uni
  • Shelly Vintage
  • Shelly Window
  • Shelly i3

Version History

Version 6.1
New: Shelly Plus Uni
New: Shelly Pro Dimmer 1PM / Shelly Pro Dimmer 2PM
New: Shelly PM Mini Gen3
New: Shelly H&T Gen 3
New: Shelly Plus 0-10V Dimmer
Fix: Shelly Motion 2
Fix: ShellyBulb variable white deleted
Fix: ShellyBulb profile ColorTemperature
Fix: The BLU configurator may have stored the wrong gateways for the instances.
Version 6.0
Fix: Information such as firmware is now also displayed for Pro devices.
Fix: The configurator may have stored the wrong gateways for the instances.
Version 6.0
New: Variables can be deactivated
New: Shelly 3EM Emeter N added
New: Shelly Pro 1
New: Shelly Pro 2
New: Shelly Pro 2PM
New: Shelly Pro 3
New: Shelly Pro 3 EM
New: Shelly Pro 3 EM Balancing
New: Shelly Pro EM
New: ShellyPlusi4
New: Shelly Plus Plug S
New: ShellyPlus1 Input100 now works for status and percentage values
New: ShellyPlus1 Input0
New: Shelly Plus 1 Mini, Shelly Plus 1PM Mini, Shelly Plus PM Mini
New: ShellyPlus2PM external addon added
New: ShellyPlus2PM Input added
New: Shelly Plus Smoke
New: "Set brightness with transition" action for ShellyBulb, ShellyDimmer and ShellyDuo instances
New: The IP address of the Shelly is written to the Description field of the device instance when it is created via the configurator.
New: Expert function for resetting the variables
New: The external temperature can be set for the Shelly TRV
New: Position of the valve can be changed.
New: The instance name of the devices is now also displayed in the configurator.
New: Shelly Uni Longpush
New: Shelly BLU devices
Fix: Debug changed in all instances
Fix: ShellyRGBW2 the variable "White" had a wrong profile.
Fix: Shelly TRV can now use float values as target temperature
Fix: Shelly Plug overtemperature had a wrong variable type
Fix: Reachable Vairable did not work for some devices
Fix: Shelly 3EM power factor had a wrong profile
Fix: ShellyPlus1PM overvoltage
Fix: Events on the new Shelly devices
Fix: ShellyPlus2PM status, current, volts, total energy and power were not updated correctly
Fix: Shelly 2 Roller (Stop Reason, Power, Energy)
Fix: The variable input was assigned an incorrect variable type
Fix: Shelly Plus2PM Cover did not work
Fix: Old MQTT client removed
Fix: UTF8 MQTT fix
Fix: Shelly configurator also displayed the devices that were not assigned to its gateway
Fix: Various missing translations

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Author: Kai Schnittcher

Version: 6.1

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