einfache Ereignisse

Simple implementation

Add an event to a device with only a few clicks. The triggered action can easily be selected from a list. No programming skills required!

Zyklische Ereignisse

Periodic event

Activate a device or execute a script via timed event by using a template of your choice. The execution can be done once or repeatedly.

Ausgelöste Ereignisse

Triggered event

Activate a device or execute a script when a certain threshold value is reached. For example, activate the alarm when a motion is detected in the garden by night.


Weekly event

Create a plan for your week that activates devices or executes scripts depending on the current weekday. For example, activate the heating during the week only when someone is at home and heat all day during the weekend.

Ereignisse im Kalender


Use the calendar module to activate a device or execute a script on a planned vacation or fixed event. Import dates from any calendar by using scripts from our community.

Ereignisse Astro

Astronomische Steuerung

Use the astronomical control to activate devices or execute scripts based on astronomical events. For example, open or close your shutter based on a sunrise/-set.

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