Datalogging and evaluation


Detailed graphs visualize the readout of your sensors, e.g., temperature, energy consumption, or motion detection.

One Click Useability

Recording starts with only one click.

Automatic Visualization

IP-Symcon automatically chooses the best way to visualize your data (Line-, bool-, or bar-chart).


Use our "High-Detail" function to get current and accurate values. For example, it is easily possible to detect peaks in energy consumption.


Visualize correlated values within one multi-graph. See differences and outliers in a single view.

Line Charts

Line charts are especially useful to show continous but fluctuating values like temperature or humidity.


The extrema option clearly shows minimum and maximum values.

Bool Charts

Bool charts are very accurate in showing the changes of boolean values.

Bar Charts

Bar charts are perfect for showing continously increasing values as they only show the changes compared to previous values.

Excel Export

Export the recorded data to Excel or any other CSV compatible program. Thanks to the export, you can easily use the values for further analysis and create individual graphs.

Complex Data Evaluation

It is easy to get full access to all recorded data values and correlate different data values from different times by using scripts. For example, estimate the temperature loss by analyzing the recorded window contacts and temperature values.

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