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Dynamisches Monitoring


Visualize the change history of your sensors (e.g. temperatures, energy consumption or motion detection) with visually appealing graphs.

Ein Klick Monitoring

One Click Useability

Record the change history of a variable with just one click.

Automatisches Monitoring

Automatic Visualization

IP-Symcon automatically displays the course of changes in the most suitable way (line, boolean or bar chart).

HD Monitoring


Use our “High Detail” feature to get exact values at any point in time. In this way, you can even recognize brief consumption peaks.

Multichart Monitoring


Display correlated value records within one multi-graphs. Find deviations or outliers at a glance. Our multi-graphs also allow the comparison of value developments from different time periods.

Linien Graph Monitoring

Line Charts

Line charts are particularly suitable for displaying continuously fluctuating values (e.g. temperatures, humidity).

Extrema Monitoring


With the extrema option, the minimum and maximum values can also be made visible in line charts.

Bool Monitoring

Bool Charts

Boolean charts precisely visualize changes to boolean variables with steep edges.

Bar Monitoring

Bar Charts

Bar charts are suitable for visualizing continuously increasing values. In each case, only the value change is shown.

Exel export

Excel Export

Export your recorded data to Excel or other CSV-compatible programs for further processing. There, you can use the data for further analysis and create individual visualizations.

Komplexe Datenauswertung

Komplexe Datenauswertung

With full access to all data via scripts, you can carry out complex data evaluations. In this way, correlations can be established between different data sets or different time periods. For example, the temperature loss after each ventilation can be calculated using recorded window contacts and temperature sensors.

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