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Automatische Benachrichtigung

Automatic Notifications

Automatically receive a notification when a threshold value is reached or a previously defined event occurs.

Benachrichtigungen Gruppieren

Selection of Recipient

as of IP-Symcon Professional with valid subscription

Define groups to ensure that the right people are always informed about relevant events. For example, only let yourself be informed about device errors, but let all residents of the house be informed about front doors that have been left open.

Audioausgabe bei Benachrichtigungen

Sounds of Notification

Choose from a variety of notification sounds to be able to easily recognize every event audiobly. For example, an alarm can be played as siren while a subtle “pling” can inform you about a finished washing machine.

Verlauf von Benaachrichtigungen

Notification History

See a history of received notifications on your mobile device. In this way you always have an overview.

Benachrichtigungen im Webfront

Receive Notifications Everywhere

Receive notifications on your mobile devices, tablets or the web based visualization.

Anmeldenung für Benachrichtigungen

No Configuration Effort

Have your mobile devices automatically activated to receive push messages by calling up the mobile visualization. The entire process is fully automated and safe.

Benachrichtigungen per SMS

SMS & E-Mail Notifications

Even older systems can receive notifications via SMS or e-mail. When sending an e-mail, you can even send attachments.


Without a valid subscription notification cannot be received.

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