The Perfect Platform for your IP-Symcon

The SymBox is our smart All-In-One solution. The integrated SymOS was specially developed for IP-Symcon and handles the otherwise troublesome system configuration. Thus, you can focus on the important part: Setting up your SmartHome. Order the SymBox from our shop today.


The maintenance-free SymOS operating system was developed to make using the SymBox absolutly carefree. Updates, backups, and setup of IP-Symcon become childs play and allow you to focus on the relevant tasks.


The SymBox contains a fully functional IP-Symcon. Thus, all scripts, modules, and extensions are compatible.
To manage and configure your home automation you can use our established IP-Symcon management console.


The SymBox is compatible with all IP gateways of the supported home automation systems. You can find a selection of reliable IP gateways in our shop. These gateways have been thoroughly tested with the SymBox and IP-Symcon and are produced by us in Lübeck, Germany.

Backup and Restore

Create backups of your project at any time to be prepared in case of an emergency. The restore function can return your system to the state of these backups. Alternatively, you can restore a backup from other operating systems. If you need assistance with the migration of your data, our Premium Support is happy to support you.

No Configuration Effort

Easy configuration of language, timezone, network, remote access, password encryption and much more - comfortably done with the web interface of SymOS.

Continuous Developement

A subscription includes all updates for SymOS free of charge. Profit from new functions for more comfort!

Easy Setup

The SymBox is quickly and easily set up. Only six uncomplicated steps and you are ready to start! Just have a look into our quick start tutorial: Download

Any questions?