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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 3.2

boolean IPS_SetEventScheduleAction (integer $EventID, integer $ScheduleActionID, string $Name, integer $Color, string $ScriptContent)


EventID ID of the event to be changed
ScheduleActionID Unique ID for this schedule action. The ID is used for sorting. IDs only need to be unique for this event.
Name Name of the given schedule action
Color Color value as HTML color code, e.g., 0x0000FF for blue
ScriptContent PHP code without PHP tags (<? … ?>)


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


The command sets the Name, the Color, and the executed Action to "Execute PHP Code" with the code ScriptContent for the schedule action with the ID ScheduleActionID of a schedule event with the ID EventID. The system variable $_IPS['ACTION'] is defined. System Variables can be used during the execution of the script.

If the argument Name is empty, the schedule action with the given ScheduleActionID is deleted. This is only possible if no switch point references that ScheduleActionID.

The value −2147483648 is no valid schedule action ID.

A maximum of 32 actions can be created for one event.


//Creation of actions
IPS_SetEventScheduleAction($EventID, 0, "Warm", 0xFF0000, "FHT_SetTemperature(\$_IPS['TARGET'], 22.5);");
IPS_SetEventScheduleAction($EventID, 1, "Cold", 0x0000FF, "FHT_SetTemperature(\$_IPS['TARGET'], 17);");
IPS_SetEventScheduleAction($EventID, 2, "Eco", 0x00FF00, "FHT_SetTemperature(\$_IPS['TARGET'], 20);");
//Delete action with ID 2
IPS_SetEventScheduleAction($EventID, 2, "", 0, "");
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