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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 6.0

boolean IPS_SetEventAction (integer $EventID, string $ActionID, array $ActionParameters)


EventID ID of the event to be changed
ActionID ID of the executed action
ActionParameters List of Parameters for the executed action


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


The Action of the Event with the ID EventID is set to the action with the ID ActionID. The parameters of that action are defined as ActionParameters.

The special parameters TARGET, ENVIRONMENT, and PARENT are not required here and are handled by the event

Migration of IP-Symcon 5.5 oder older

If the event should start the parent script (the default in IP-Symcon 5.5 or older) this connection must be set accordingly since IP-Symcon 6.0. This requires the following line, which assigns the "Run Automation" action to the event.

IPS_SetEventAction($EreignisID, "{7938A5A2-0981-5FE0-BE6C-8AA610D654EB}", []);


// Multiply the target variable of the event by 3
IPS_SetEventAction($EreignisID, "{A3153696-013A-41B1-A001-5E8085D95465}", ["FACTOR" => 3]);
// Execute the target automation of the event
IPS_SetEventAction($EreignisID, "{7938A5A2-0981-5FE0-BE6C-8AA610D654EB}", []);
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