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integer IPS_CreateInstance (string $ModuleID)


ModuleID ModuleID of the object to create


ID of the newly created instance


The command creates an unconfigured instance of the module ID ModuleID. Legal values ​​for ModuleID can be determined by the function IPS_GetModuleList. The ModuleID is a 32Bit GUID in the format {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}.

The function returns an ID which identifies the created instance. After using the command, the created object is still unconfigured and may need to be configured with the command IPS_SetProperty. The configuration needs to be applied with the command IPS_ApplyChanges. Otherwise, the new configuration will not affect the instance.


//FS20 Create Instance
$InsID IPS_CreateInstance("{48FCFDC1-11A5-4309-BB0B-A0DB8042A969}");
IPS_SetName($InsID, "Standing lamp"); // Name instance
IPS_SetParent($InsID, 12345); // Sort instance under the object with ID "12345"
IPS_SetProperty($InsID, "HomeCode", "12345678"); //Change property "HomeCode"
IPS_ApplyChanges($InsID); //Apply changes -> The instance uses the changed HomeCode
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