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array IPS_GetInstance (integer $InstanceID)


InstanceID InstanceID to be returned


The following information is available as key => value pairs:

Index  Type Description
InstanceID integer InstanceID
InstanceStatus integer see table "Status of Instance"
LastChange integer Unix Timestamp of the last application of configuration
ModuleInfo array see table "Module Information"
ConnectionID integer Data connection to a splitter/ IO instance

Table: Status of Instance

Code Status
101 Instance will be created
102 Instance is activ
103 Instance will be deleted
104 Instance is inactiv
105 Instance was not created
>=200 Instance is marked als faulty

Table: Module Information

Index  Type Description
ModuleID string ModuleID of Instance
ModuleName string ModuleName of Instance
ModuleType integer ModuleType of Instance (0: Core, 1: I/O, 2: Splitter, 3: Device, 4: Configurator, 5: Discovery, 6: Visualization)


The command returns an array containing information about the instance with the ID InstanceID. If the instance does not exist, an alert is generated.


/* returns e.g.:
    [InstanceID] => 18235
    [InstanceStatus] => 102
    [LastChange] => 0
    [ModuleInfo] => Array
        [ModuleID] => {48FCFDC1-11A5-4309-BB0B-A0DB8042A969}
        [ModuleName] => FS20
        [ModuleType] => 3
    [ConnectionID] => 29416
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