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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 4.0

string ForwardData (string $JSONString)


JSONString Data packet in JSON format


Result of the function, which is returned to the calling child instance


This function is called by IP-Symcon and processes sent data and forwards it to the parent instance.
Data can be sent using the SendDataToParent function.
Further information on data forwarding can be found under Dataflow.

The ForwardData function is called by IP-Symcon. It must therefore be overwritten by the base class in order to add individual extensions


// Example within a gateway/splitter instance
public function ForwardData($JSONString) {
    // Received data from the device instance
    $data = json_decode($JSONString);
    IPS_LogMessage("ForwardData", utf8_decode($data->Buffer));
    // The buffer would normally be processed here
    // e.g., check CRC, partition into individual parts
    // Forward to the I/O instance
    $resultat = $this->SendDataToParent(json_encode(Array("DataID" => "{79827379-F36E-4ADA-8A95-5F8D1DC92FA9}", "Buffer" => $data->Buffer)));
    // Processing and passing on
    return $resultat;
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