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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 4.0

void MaintainVariable (string $Ident, string $Name, integer $Type, string $Profile, integer $Position, boolean $Retain)


Ident Ident of the status variable
Name Name of the status variable
Type Type of status variable
Profile Name of the variable profile to be used
Position Position in the object tree and therefore also in the WebFront
Retain Register if True, Unregister if False


No Return


If the parameter Retain == true, then the matching state variable of type type with ident Ident and name name is created.
If the Retain == parameter is false, then the state variable with Ident ident is deleted.

The value of type contains the variable type (0: Boolean, 1: Integer, 2: Float, 3: String). See also IPS_CreateVariable or IPS_GetVariable


// We only have this status variable if the device type is == 5
$this->MaintainVariable("Status", "Status of Device", 3, "Myvariablesprofileforstatus", 0, $this->ReadPropertyInteger("DeviceType") == 5);
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