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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 4.1

void MessageSink (integer $TimeStamp, integer $SenderID, string $MessageID, array $Data)


TimeStamp Continuous counter timestamp
SenderID Sender ID
MessageID ID of the message
Data Data of the message


No Return


The content of the function can be overwritten in order to carry out own reactions to certain messages.
The function is only called for registered MessageIDs/SenderIDs combinations. The time stamp is incremented for every message sent. RegisterMessage and UnregisterMessage add or remove filter rules.
A list of the MessageIDs can be found here: [Messages][messages]++

If this function is not defined in its own module, the default MessageSink() is executed.

The content of Data can vary depending on the message type. These are not documented yet.


public function MessageSink($TimeStamp, $SenderID, $Message, $Data) {
	IPS_LogMessage("MessageSink", "Message from SenderID ".$SenderID." with Message ".$Message."\r\n Data: ".print_r($Data, true));
[messages]: en/service/documentation/developer-area/sdk-tools/sdk-php/messages
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