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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 4.0

integer RegisterVariableFloat (string $Ident, string $Name, string $Profile, integer $Position)


Ident Ident of the status variable
Name Name of the status variable
Profile Name of the profile to be used.
Default == ""
Position Position in the object tree and thus also in the visualization.
Default == 0


VariableID of the created status variable


This function creates a status variable of the type Float with the Ident Ident and the name Name. It can also be specified which Profile is to be used and which Position the status variable should be on.

This function can also be called if the variable already exists. In this case only the profile is updated, given it is diverging.

The VariableID can be determined via GetIDForIdent, therefore it does not have to be saved anywhere.


$variableID = $this->RegisterVariableFloat("Factor", "Zoom Factor Wall Display", "Factor.Display");
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