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Requires: IP-Symcon >= 5.0

void LogMessage (string $Message, integer $Type)


Message Content of the message
Type Value Description
KL_DEBUG 10206 A debug message
KL_ERROR 10205 An error message
KL_MESSAGE 10201 A standard message
KL_NOTIFY 10203 A notification
KL_WARNING 10204 A warning message


No Return


The function writes a message in the log file, specifying the type Type and the message Message. These are also displayed in the message window within the console.

Depending on the type, the messages differ in their presentation within the message window. (see [messages][messages])

KL_DEBUG are written to the log only. If the special switch "LogfileVerbose" is deactivated, these are not even written to the log.

The KL_CUSTOM message type is only available for the IPS_LogMessage function. This cannot be used in modules.


// Send a warning message in the message window
$this->LogMessage("This is a warning", KL_WARNING);
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