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WebFront Visualization

A general description can be found in the area Components -> WebFront.

From IP-Symcon version 2.2 it is possible to control the WebFront from IP Symcon and send messages to the WebFront. The following functions are available for the user to influence the WebFront.

Function Description
Open Popup To view larger messages a pop can be opened which almost fills the whole screen and displays important messages that do not fit in a small notification.
Reload WebFront Loading the WebFront completely new (like a reload of the page in the browser (F5)).
Select WebFront Tab Selects the tab with the specified ID. This feature is useful e.g. to jump during a movement at the front door to door camera tab.
Invalid Link: wfc-audionotification Audio notifications can be sent to the WebFront, which are then played audibly.
Send Notification Small reports can be sent which are displayed with an icon, header and text on the right side in WebFront. (Similarly Growl/Snarl)
Invalid Link: wfc-pushnotification Push notifications can be sent to the mobile apps (iOS/Android), which are displayed on the mobile device and signalled audibly.
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