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Installation on Windows
Installation on MacOS
Installation on Linux
Installation on Raspberry Pi
Installation on Docker
Installation on QNAP
Installation on Synology
Installation on SymBox


The initial installation and activation on the various platforms. For this purpose IP-Symcon uses installation steps adapted to the respective system or platform.
Detailed information can be found on the respective system’s page.

In order to grant IP-Symcon access to certain functions, e.g. updates, from outside, it may be necessary to set them up in the firewall. Further information can be found under Firewall


IP-Symcon can be updated with a valid subscription.
How to initiate an update can be read on the respective system’s page.
For an update, the IP-Symcon server must be contacted to request the latest packages. If this fails, there are several possible causes:

  • The subscription has expired. A new one should be purchased from the shop.
  • The proxy settings are incorrect.
  • The Internet connection is not established.

Data Backup

To avoid data loss there are several ways to backup IP Symcon data.
These are described under Backup.

Change of Platform

IP-Symcon can move from one platform to another without a new setup.
The procedure is explained under Change of Platform.


How to uninstall IP-Symcon can be read on the respective system’s page.

Change License

Should the license change, it can be changed within IP-Symcon via the management console.
The necessary steps can be found under Change License.


Migration from an old version to a new version is possible without data loss.
In the left menu all previous migrations can be found.
Individual migrations should be performed from version to version.