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Installation on Windows
Installation on MacOS
Installation on Linux
Installation on Raspberry Pi
Installation on Docker
Installation on QNAP
Installation on Synology
Installation on SymBox


The initial installation and activation on different platforms. IP-Symcon uses installation steps depending on the respective system or platform.
Extensive information can be read on the page for the specific system.

To provide IP-Symcon access to specific functions, e.g., updates, from outside, it may be required to configure it within the firewall. More information is found at Firewall


IP-Symcon can be updated with a valid subscription. The process of initiating an update is shown in Update.

Data Backup

Multiple approaches can prevent the loss of data and secure the IP-Symcon data. They are described under Backup.

Change of Platform

IP-Symcon can be moved from one platform to another without configuring it anew. The procedure is explained under Change of Platform.


The uninstallation of IP-Symcon is explained on the pages for the specific system.

Change License

The management console can switch between different licenses within IP-Symcon. The required steps are shown under Change License.


A migration from an old version to a new version is possible without the loss of data. All previous migrations are shown in the menu on the left side. Each step from one version to the next should be done individually.

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