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IP-Symcon includes diverse security features that set a password or a special service for different sections. Read this article carefully to prevent illegal external access.


The factory settings are only secure while IP-Symcon cannot be accesses externally. If IP-Symcon should be accessible externally some settings need to be adjusted accordingly!

Remote Access (Password)

Factory Settings: deactivated (secure)
The management of IP-Symcon can be accessed remotely via the management console. Direct access from the outside of the local network is only possible when a password is set.
Further informations: Set Remote Access

Connect Service

Factory Settings: activated (secure)

The Connect service can access the management console and the visualization comfortably from outside when a subscription is active.
The visualization may only be accessed when a password was previously set or the visualization was explicitly marked as public.
The management console can access the configuration only when a password is set for remote access .
Further informations: Connect Control

Visualization (Password)

Factory Settings: deactivated (secure)

The factory settings allow access to the visualization without password in internal networks. A set password secures the webbased visualization and the mobile apps. A password or explicit clearance is required if the visualization should be accessible from the Connect service or be accessible from the outside.
Further informations:Tile-Visualizations Security / WebFront-Visualizations Security


Requests from the following networs are considered internal (Private IP Adresses). For internal networks no visualization password is required, if the option "Require password only for external connections" is enabled. If connections are being routed through a NAT it is recommended to leave this options disabled.

User Folder (User Name/Password)

Factory Settings: deactivated (insecure)
If the User folder contains individual content it is recommended the secure the content. Usage of the User folder is strongly discouraged.
Further informations: User Folder Security

SymOS (Password)

Factory Settings: activated (secure)
SymOS is the operating system of the SymBox. It is possible to protect the access to its web surface via password. The web surface can set the password. If the SymOS surface should be available externally setting a password is urgently recommended.
Further informations: SymBox Tutorial PDF - Chapter 4.4.6. Security

SymOS Connect

Factory Settings: activated (secure)
Via SymOS Connect it is possible to connect to the SymOS operating system. The external connection is in general only possible if a SymOS password is set.


Some functions require internet access and a properly configured Firewall.

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