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Require: IP-Symcon >= 3.4

 boolean WFC_PushNotification (int $InstanceID, string $Title, string $Text, string $Sound, int $TargetID) 



ID of the WebFront visualization


Title of the message (maximum 32 characters). Can also be empty.


Text of the message (maximum 256 characters).


Evaluated in the apps since version 3.0.6


It is possible to jump directly to an object when opening the push message. (since version 5.0)


If the command succeeds, it returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE.


Sends a push message with Title, Text to all mobile devices associated with the configurator with ID InstanceID. Alternatively, one of the following sounds can be played:

  • alarm
  • bell
  • boom
  • buzzer
  • connected
  • dark
  • digital
  • drums
  • duck
  • full
  • happy
  • horn
  • inception
  • kazoo
  • roll
  • siren
  • space
  • trickling
  • turn

The TargetID object must be available within the specified WebFront configurator, otherwise an error message will appear! (TargetID is not inside the allowed security context)

If messages are to be sent to additional groups (special case: also individual mobile devices), another WebFront configurator must be created for each group.

Please note that push notifications are encrypted and forwarded to Apple/Google via the IP Symcon server, and this implies a certain delay time. If there are too many messages in a row, the Apple/Google services will automatically delay the deliveries, which IP-Symcon has no influence on.

The use of this feature requires a valid subscription, as already mentioned in the description of the mobile apps. This can be extended at any time via our Shop . In addition, the device must be registered in IP-Symcon. Further information about this can be found under the item Notification Control


WFC_PushNotification(12345, 'Warning', 'It will be raining soon!', '', 0 );