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Basic Professional Unlimited
License price 149,99 € 249,99 € 499,99 €
with SymBox Pro 499,99 € 599,99 € 849,99 €
Order Order Order
Unlimited number of loggable variables in the database
Number of usable variables (Estimate the required number of variables) 250 1000 Unlimited1)
Commercial use permitted
  • A separate license is required for each customer installation!
Visualisation: “WebFront” Basic
Visualisation: "WebFront" Professional
  • Comfortable WYSIWYG editor
  • Spread the pages and menus bars freely
  • Content changer for media
  • Embedded graphics/diagrams/homepages
Number of available WebFronts at the same time 1 5 Unlimited1)
Number of available RTSP streams (Webcams) at the same time 1 3 Unlimited1)
iOS App/Android App
Password protected remote access to your system
Incl. subscription
  • Authorization to download and update IP-Symcon
  • Send push messages via our server
  • Remote access without configuration effort via our Connect service
  • Further 12 months subscription for only 49,99€
  • Usable without subscription
12 months 12 months 12 months
Free updates during subscription period

Common Features

IP-Symcon can be installed under almost any Microsoft Windows operating system (system requirements)
Seamless integration as a Windows service
(IP-Symcon is always running in the background)
Easily add new features via IP-Symcon LiveUpdate2)
Transparent integration of different hardware systems under one visualization
No programming skills required for visualization and graphical evaluation
No programming skills required for operating devices at fixed times or time intervals
Solve individual scenarios and procedures with the integrated script language PHP
Connect different systems with simple PHP scripts
Our large and active community offers lots of ideas and solutions

System Functions

Find a complete list of supported systems here: compatible hardware
Find a list of gateways supporting the systems here: compatible interfaces


Compatible with all common browsers
Optimized for Retina displays
Simple visualization layout for mobile devices with browser incapable of HTML5
Devices that have been setup in IP-Symcon will automatically be displayed in the visualization
Devices can be controlled via visualization and will give instant feedback about the switching status, provided that the system supports the feature
Integrate your own variables fast and easy via pre-configured profiles
Create independent structures for projection and visualisation via linkage (similar to Symlinks)

Databank & Graphs

One-click solution to activate data logging and graphs
Store data in an archive
Graphically analyze your data within the visualization
Intelligent data aggregation allows a fast display of the requested graphs
Visualisation of values as bar, bool, or line charts
Selectable time intervals like hours, days, weeks, months, and yearly overviews
Several modes of data aggregation available:
  • default: data will be stored directly (e.g., temperature data)
  • counter: delta values of a counter are aggregated in order to log daily usage
Faulty data can be erased ex post within the configuration
Data can be used and analyzed within individual PHP scripts

Alarm Functions (push notifications, e-mail & SMS)

Send push-notifications to the mobile apps (iOS/Android)2)
Receive e-mail via IMAP&POP3 (incl. SSL encryption)
Display e-mails in the WebFront visualization
Have e-mails sent to you for any actions (e.g., when inputs exceed preset limits, errors, …)
Have SMS sent to you for any actions via Clickatel


Included web server enables you to create your own HTML/PHP pages for your home control
Secure connection via SSL-encryption
Incorporated password protection
Connect your own appliclations via standardized JSON-RPC interface
Webalizer-compatible log files


Integrate current still images of your web cam in IP Symcon. (requires link to a JPG image)
Display the images in the WebFront visualization
Integrate your MJPEG live streams into your visualization (Browser and live stream must support MJPEG)

Media Player

Play media files on any number of sound cards at the same time
Supported formats:
WAV, MP3, WMA, Shoutcast, IceCast, WMALive

Fetch website content

Simply fetch a websites content and separate it to use the parts as variables

System Information

Read CPU workload, printing queues, battery, as well as memory, hard drive, and network usage

Text to Speech

Direct voice output via Windows SpeechAPI and sound card
Generate WAV files for media player playback

1) This limitation is not enforced explicity, though performance limitations considerations may apply.
We are habby to advise you on use in large projects.

2) A valid subscription is required.

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