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Hardware Modules

sorted according to connections and alphabetical order

Components Manufacturer Connections Supported devices
1-Wire Maxim Dallas Wired Device List
ALLNET ALLNET Wired Device List
digitalSTROM AIZO Wired Device List
DMX/Artnet among others DMX4ALL Wired Device List
KNX among others Siemens AG, EIBMarkt, Gira, Jung, Merten, Weinzerl wired Device List
eKey eKey Wired Device List
IR remote control among others IRTrans, WinLIRC Wired Device List
LCN Issendorff Wired Device List
ModBus TCP,
ModBus RTU,
ModBus RTU over TCP
e.g. Wago/Beckhoff SPS Wired Device List
M-Bus e.g. ALLMESS Wired Device List
SPS Siemens Vipa Logo Siemens AG Wired Device List
Siemens OZW Siemens AG Wired Device List
UVR1611 Technical Alternative Wired Device List
Velleman Board Velleman Wired --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
WuT W&T (Wiesemann & Theis) Wired --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
EnOcean EnOcean Alliance Wireless (868Mhz) Device List
FHZ1X00PC (FS20, HMS, FHT, KS300) ELV Wireless (868Mhz) Device List
HomeMatic ELV Wireless (868Mhz) Device List
IPS-868 IP-Symcon/ProJet Wireless (868Mhz) IPS-868
XBee ZigBee Wireless (868Mhz) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
xComfort Eaton Wireless (868Mhz) Device List
Z-Wave among others ACT, Popp, Düwi, Merten, Innovus, Fibaro Wireless (868Mhz) Device List
FS10-weather ELV Wireless (433Mhz) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Virtual Modules

in alphabetical order

Designation Functions Special Features
Archive Control Saves, manages and provides logged variables.
Calendar Control Manages planned presence/absence and provides available variables.
Connect Control Opens an encrypted tunnel to the Connect Service, which permits a secured remote access. Requires an active subscription
Cutter Processes binary data and cuts/synchronizes them. Can be used with the interface modules.
Event Control Reaction to particular events, such as system start/stop, in order to save/input particular system conditions
Heating Control 2-point regulator that switches heating actuators based on actual and set temperatures, in order to regulate using preset temperatures.
IMAP Serves an IMAP-based retrieval of e-mails.
Location Control Calculates various twilight times, based on longitude and latitude.
MediaPlayer WAV, MP3, WMA, Shoutcast, IceCast, WMALive Several sound cards simultaneously
Module Control Provides various modules, integrated over a git repository.
Notification Control Manages all devices registered for push notifications. Push Notifications require an active subscription
POP3 Serves the POP3-retrieval of e-mails.
Presence Control Offers the possibility of assessing a presence in a particular area
RegisterVariable Provides a data transfer and processing interface
SMTP Serves to send e-mails via SMTP.
SMS Serves to send SMSs with help of an external SMS provider.
System Information CPU Load, hard drive capacity, battery power, printer queue
Shutter Control Positions your shutters to an exact percentage value, even if your module can only move up or down. Must be taught once
TextParser Extracts data from a text that, e.g., was delivered by the WWW Reader.
Text To Speech Synthesizes language for direct output from a loudspeaker or into a desired WAV file with various formats/qualities. requires SAPI 5.1 or higher (XP, W2k3, Vista)
Util Control This module is an interface between the IP-Symcon service and the management console.
WebHook Control Offers the possibility of retrieving scripts via the browser. Can be used externally when combined with Connect Control
WebServer Provides a further port for the relevant WebFront. SSL-encryption activated

Language Assistance Systems

in alphabetical order

System Manufacturer Special Features
Amazon Alexa Amazon Requires Symcon Connect
Google Assistant Google Requires Symcon Connect

Visual Modules

in alphabetical order

Designation Functions
Dummy Module Optically creates an instance in WebFront.
Image Grabber Automatically creates webcam images as media objects and thereby makes them directly available to WebFront.
Popup Module Creates a pop-up in WebFront and displays linked objects.
Skin Control This module manages available skins and allocates them to various WebFronts.
WebFront Visualization Manages a WebFront and offers various possible settings.

Interface Modules

in alphabetical order

Designation Functions Special Features
Client Socket ------------------------ TCP-Client
HID ------------------------ -----------------------------------
HTTPClient Retrieves/reads websites Proxy, Basic Authentication Support
Multicast Socket ------------------------ Multicast-Client
Serial Port ------------------------ RS232/RS485
Server Socket ------------------------ TCP-Server
UDP Socket ------------------------ UDP-Client
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