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Typical house from the sixties or new building. With IP-Symcon, you can create a home that simplifies your life extensively with its intelligent comfort. There are no limits to your ideas and wishes with the combinations of different devices in IP-Symcon. Control your smart building via smartphone, tablet, or a permanently installed wall panel. Light, shading, surveillance, alerts, or security - enjoy your SmartHome with IP-Symcon.

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IP-Symcon presents relevant data of your SmartHome clearly, configured after your wishes. You can visualise and control your different devices from any terminal with ou IP-Symcon WebFront. Whether mobile or desktop, we have fitting apps for all devices. Our comfortable WebFront Editor enables you to create your personal visualization within a graphical interface.

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Device Support

Configure your SmartHome quick and easily with the IP-Symcon configurators. Let our vivid and easily understandable video tutorials for all house automation systems guide you through the whole process. Our thoroughly maintained documentation explains the extensive tools and methods to fulfill your wishes of a smart home.

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Comfortable Configuration

Configure your SmartHome conveniently with the web based configuration interface. Implement devices, define when and under which circumstances devices are triggered automatically, and download advanced functions from the Module Store.

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Mobile Apps

Access your password protected SmartHome securely from anywhere in the world with our mobile iOS and Android apps. The apps are optimized for low data consumption and a clear presentation to allow the complete control from anywhere.

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Automatical Control

IP-Symcon creates a device control with only a few clicks, that switches devices by events, time templates, or further triggers, according to your specifications.

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User Friendly Automation

With the Flow Scripts IP-Symcon offers the possibility to realize even complex tasks in a user friendly way. Thus, you maintain the overview at all times and can individually adjust your automations

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Application Examples

For a first impression about what is possible, we will present some selected application examples.

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Data Gathering and Evaluation

The relevance of capturing and evaluating energy, gas, and water consumption becomes more and more relevant with rising energy costs. Detect deviation instantly, high consumption and anomalies early on. The graphical presentation in you IP-Symcon WebFront visualization always allows the quick overview.

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The all-in-one solution

The SymBox is our smart all-in-one solution. The integrated SymOS was especially developed for IP-Symcon and handles the troublesome system configuration. Thus, you can focus on the important part: Establishing your SmartHome.

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Your SmartHome informs you at any time. Whether an alert was triggered or the washing machine is done - you are informed actively on any chosen device with a message and a fitting sound.

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  • Operate all supported devices
  • Visualization of sensors, actuators, and value changes
  • Manage up to 250 variables. How many are required?
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IP-Symcon Basic

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  • Operate all supported devices
  • Visualization of sensors, actuators, and value changes
  • Manage up to 1000 variables. How many are required?
  • Multiple visualizations for different users and applications
  • Easy configuration of visualizations with our WYSIWYG-editor
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IP-Symcon Professional

for 249,99 € available as download

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SymBox Professional

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