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Calendar Control

Require: IP-Symcon >= 4.0


The “Calendar Control” module offers the possibility to define periods in which one is expecting to be present or absent.

Integration in IP-Symcon

configuration page

In the “Calendar” instance (“Logical tree view” -> “Core instances”), new time periods can be added via the configuration page.
During these periods, the appropriate variable is switched to “True”. If both variables are set to false, no time period is defined for the current time.

variable view


Planned presence
A family visit is recorded as a planned presence. At times when normally no one is in the home, the heating is automatically reduced to save energy. By taking into account the variable “planned presence”, this can be prevented without changing or manually switching off established scripts or weekly schedules.

Planned absence
The family vacation to the Baltic Sea is recorded as a planned absence. Due to the planned absence, an energy-saving automation system can be permanently activated for the period of time that would normally only be active at certain times in everyday life.

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