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The TextParser in IP-Symcon allows to cut off certain parts e.g. of a web page or a file by executing several rules consecutively. Four different rules are available:

Function Description
Cut text before Cuts off all text before Day1
Cut text after Cuts off all text after Day1
Get Text Brings all text until the Day1 in the variable
Text ausschneiden Cuts the text between Day1 and Day2 and writes it in the variable

You can apply multiple rules in a row and use even more "Get Text" - "Cut text" operations.


A small example will show how to read the first headline of heise.de to show it e.g. in the WebFront.

  1. First you must create the Text Parser.
  2. Then you must create a parent instance. In our example, the Web Reader is required.
  3. In the WWW Reader the URL must be http:///www.heise.de specified and the timer activated, which queries the page cyclical.
  4. In the Text Parser the following rules must be specified in order to read the headline. The way to find out these rules is to look at the HTML Ciode of the website and to search for distinctive points that can be cut off until only the desired text remains. These rules can then be entered in IP-Symcon.


Description Rule
Cut text before <div>
Cut text after “>
Hole Text </a>



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