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 array IPS_GetStatusVariable (int $InstanceID, string $VariableIdent) 



ID of the instance


Status variable identifier. A listing can be found on IPS_GetStatusVariableIdents


The following information are available as key => value pairs:

Index Type Description
VariableID integer Current ID of the associated IP Symcon variable
VariableIdent string Status variable identifier
VariableName string Default name of the created variable
VariablePosition integer Default position of the created variable
VariableProfile string Default profile name of the created variable
VariableType integer Compatible variable type ( See: IPS_GetVariable )
VariableHasAction boolean Indicates whether an action is internally defined, which was linked to this status variable
VariableUseAction boolean Specifies the existing action, in which the visualization should be used



The documentation of this function only for compatibility reasons and should not be used in IPSymcon 2.5 and newer versions. Since version 2.5, the functionality is only emulated and should be replaced by other functions. Since version 4.0, these functions can only be accessed if the Special Switch "Compatibility Functions" is activated.

The command returns an array containing information about the status variable of the instance InstanceID and the status variable with the status variable identifier VariableIdent.


if(IPS_StatusVariableExists(12345, "StatusVariable")) 
    print_r(IPS_GetStatusVariable(12345, "StatusVariable"));
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