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Usage rights

The legally binding, general terms and conditions of the software purchase agreement can be downloaded from Terms and Conditions

An IP-Symcon license entitles you to install IP-Symcon as often as desired within a private household. For commercial installations, a separate IP-Symcon license is required for each server/computer in operation. Only one productive installation per license can be in operation at any one time, which communicates with the server for push notifications or the Connect-Service. Any further installations can therefore only be used for programming and testing purposes. An IP-Symcon license is valid for all terminal devices (operating systems) on which IP-Symcon is available. A valid subscription is required for an online installation. If an installation of IP-Symcon is desired after the subscription has expired, a self-made backup is required.

The IP-Symcon Pro console can be downloaded from the IP-Symcon server and automatically updated using the integrated update function without an IP-Symcon license.