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A subscription provides the listed services during its duration. These are required by some modules for operation (e.g. Connect Service for Alexa Smart Home Skill)


The following services require an active subscription.


An active subscription is required for new installations and updates of IP-Symcon.

Push Notification

Push notifications are sent to the mobile apps via our server.

Connect Service

Encrypted access is provided via our Connect Service server enabling the system to be securely accessed from anywhere.

Period of validity

The duration (validity) of the subscription can be determined from one of the following three points:

  • In the last email of a license or subscription order: "... valid until: DD.MM.YY "
  • In our forum under "License Management". To do this, one has to register there.
  • Inquire by email or using the contact form
  • One month before the subscription expires, an email will be sent to inform about its soon expiration

A subscription is not self-renewing.
When the subscription expires, it can be purchased/renewed in the IP-Symcon Shop .
One month before the expiration date, our system will automatically send a notification email.
When ordering, the new time contingent is added to any remaining duration (similar to a prepaid card).

There is more information about the license used in the Management Console via the information icon in the top right corner.

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