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Archive Control

The Archive Control module takes care of storing the variable values in a database. At present, all the values ​​are stored in a SQLite database, which is located in the IP-Symcon folder.

To log a variable in the database, it must be selected for it. You will need to edit the variable and to select the following checkbox.

Variable loggen

Once the logging is selected, all data is stored in the database. The data is stored in duplicate. All raw data are stored in the database and the data is stored once again presented on each interval (day, week, month, year) to allow a fast creating of the graph. The graphs can be viewed via the WebFront or be integrated into the dashboard on the WebControl.See: Dashboard Integration

View and manipulate values

If faulty values are in the database, it is possible to delete them. For this you must open the administration of the archive module.

Archive Handler

Following functions are provided to manage:

Function Description
View Displays the stored raw data and allows the deletion of individual records. After deletion, it is necessary to aggregate the variable data.
Deletion Deletes all the raw data from the archive.
Delete data Deletes an entire span of raw data from the archive.
Change variableID If the sensor and the associated variable should change, then it is possible to rewrite the old raw data to the new variable. Choose from the old variable and afterwards the new variable.
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