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Calculated Counter

Require: IP-Symcon >= 5.5

Calculates positive variable changes with changes of a main variable according to adjustable rules and adds this to the value of a variable.

The "Smart Energy Box" module was developed in cooperation between Symcon GmbH, Stark Elektronik GmbH and Biberach University of Applied Sciences (IGE Institute) as part of the state project EnMa HAW: Concept for automation-supported energy management at non-university universities in Baden-Württemberg.

functional scope

  • Selection of a logged variable as primary measuring point
  • Selection of any number of variables as secondary measuring points
  • Adjustable whether the changes of the secondary measuring points should be added or subtracted to the changes of the primary measuring points

software installation

  • Install the 'Calculated Counter' module via the Module Store.

Set up instances in IP-Symcon

  • Under 'Add instance' the 'Calculated Counter' module can be found using the quick filter.

Configuration Page:

Name Description
Primary measuring point Selection of a logged variable
Secondary measuring point Multiple selection of variables
Operation Add/Subtract Option whether to add or subtract the positive change of the secondary measurement point to the primary measurement point
Variable Selection of a logged variable as secondary measuring point

status variables

The status variables/categories are created automatically. Deleting individual ones can lead to malfunctions.

Status variables

Name Type Description
Result Float Calculated Result
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