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Module Store

New modules can be installed via the Module Store. These modules expand the range of functions and thus enable the use of new functions or additional devices.

Open Module Store

The module store can be reached via the basket in the upper right corner of the console.

Open Module Store

Initially, the Module Store shows different categories in which modules are offered and provides a search function. If modules have already been installed via the Module Store, they can be accessed via a corresponding special category.

Start screen of the module store

Find modules

There are various options for finding a suitable module. On the one hand, the search function can be used. A search term can be entered here and confirmed by pressing the Enter key or clicking on the magnifying glass. Matching modules are then displayed.


Alternatively, a category can be selected by clicking on it to display the modules it contains. Categories can contain sub-categories, which can then also be selected. One can return to a previous category by clicking on it in the top bar. A click on "Module Store" returns one to the start screen.


These two methods can also be combined. One can search for a term in a certain category or limit a search result afterwards by using categories.


If a search term is used, then sub-categories are also searched. Without a search term, only modules from the current category are displayed, but not their subcategories.

Install modules

If modules are to be installed, the associated card must first be clicked. Following, a dialog opens which explains the currently selected modules.

Install modules
Element Description
Author The author of the modules
Categories The categories in which the modules are contained
Description The description of the modules. In addition, there is a link to the documentation and a list of the included modules
Version information The current version number and a description of what is new about that version
Beta settings If the modules have a beta version, this can be used to switch to the beta version

At the bottom of the dialog there is the "Install" button to install the modules and "Cancel" to close the dialog again.

If a beta version is to be installed, the beta settings can be expanded and "Switch to beta" may be clicked on. The module information will then be adapted to the beta version and this can be installed by clicking on "Install".


Beta versions are not checked by the Symcon-Team.

Update and remove modules

If modules have been installed, a special category "Installed" appears on the start screen of the module store. All installed modules are listed here. If there are new versions for modules this is highlighted.

Installed modules

If an installed module is clicked on, the installation dialog appears again. One now has the additional option of deleting the modules by clicking on "Remove".

If there is a new version, one can install it using "Update". If one desires to change the channel afterwards, i.e. from the regular stable version to beta or the other way around, this can be done via the beta settings and is confirmed with "change channel". If the current version is installed, one can download it again via "Reinstall".

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