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The cutter is used to extract sections from an incoming data stream using separators or a fixed number of steps and forwards them.

Integration in IP-Symcon

The cutter acts as a splitter instance and is therefore often between the I/O and device instance.
Thus the cutter takes apart the incoming data stream and passes it on.

Use characters for cuts

This setting sets separators from left (start of data stream) to right (end of data stream). Everything that is between the separators is passed on. Optionally, hex characters can be switched on and thus the separators can be entered in hexadecimal. If only the left or right separator is entered, the entire data stream is forwarded before (only set on the right) or after (only set on the left).
In the drop-down menu there are standard control commands, which are often used and forward the 1:1.


The separators themselves are not passed on. These are also cut out so that only the pure user data is forwarded.

Use fixed cuts

A search is done for the sync character in the data stream. The subsequent data stream (including sync characters) is cut off according to the set input length and forwarded. If the input length = 0, the entire data stream including sync characters is forwarded.

Transfer to variable

The data stream can be transferred to a variable via a RegisterVariable (using a script).

Special option Timeout

If the delay between two data stream packets is greater than the set "timeout" time, the two packets are not treated as a coherent data stream, but rather as two separate data packets.

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